About Our Concrete Company

About Our Concrete Company Battle Creek MIThank you for considering Two Ducks Concrete!  Our concrete experts in Battle Creek MI want to help you create the best concrete flatwork for your residential property.

Many members of our crew are certified by the American Concrete Institute and Increte®️ Systems for decorative concrete. Experience peace of mind by hiring our professional concrete team today.

About Our Battle Creek Concrete Company

Where It All Began

Our family’s history with residential concrete dates back to 1967. Tom Duckworth Sr. (our father) started a residential concrete company, which soon thrived after working for many of the local builders. All us boys (Jeff, Al, Tim, and Tom Jr.) spent our summers working at our father’s side.

In 1978, Jeff, Al, and Tim worked together to buy the business from Tom Sr. and started Duckworth Brothers. Tom Jr. later became a partner in Duckworth Brothers in 1989.

For 19 years, we worked together doing residential concrete jobs in the area. As the business grew, so did the size and location of the jobs we were doing. We were beginning to stray from the local work and travel farther and farther from our home base.

Two Ducks Concrete

When we left Duckworth Brothers in 1997, many of the employees came with us. We currently have 16 employees. Many have been in the concrete business for 30 years. We also have a third generation of Duckworths working in the concrete business.

Our concrete company in Battle Creek are dedicated to providing quality service to all of our customers. Our customers include local homeowners, residential builders, and commercial contractors.

We have a full line of excavation equipment, including dump trucks, a dozer, and several Bobcats. Our crews can handle anything, from small residential concrete jobs to new addition projects.

With the above capabilities, we can provide you with the substantial benefit of using just one concrete contractor for the excavation, foundation, and flatwork. This eliminates the hassle of coordinating an excavator, a wall contractor, and a concrete flatwork contractor.

Decorative Concrete

We have expanded our offerings to include a full line of decorative concrete. For the customers who are looking for something unique, we can install decorative concrete in a variety of patterns and colors. After taking the required training, our crews (and management) are “Certified Installers” of this wonderful product.

We studied many different product lines available and feel we have chosen the best one to offer our customers. Decorative concrete is less expensive than properly installed brick pavers, looks great, and lasts much longer. Unlike brick pavers, decorative concrete won’t settle and shift, which saves you money in maintenance and restoration.

Since we began in 1978, more than 20 concrete construction companies have come and gone from the Calhoun County area. Most did not last five years. A percentage of our business is replacing their inferior work. Of those in the concrete business in 1978, we are the only concrete company still standing. The rest are gone. Enough said.

Our concrete team in Battle Creek MI is ready to help you with your next home addition or residential concrete project. To request a quote for any of our concrete services, call Two Ducks Concrete at (269) 963-6263.

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