Light Commercial Custom Concrete

Our commercial concrete company in Battle Creek MI understands that you have a budget and timeframe for custom concrete construction. Our team is ready to work with you to bring your concrete designs to life.

Whether you’re interested in installing commercial concrete floors or other types of light commercial concrete work, you can trust our team in Battle Creek to be professional and trustworthy.

Two Ducks Light Commercial Concrete

Custom Concrete Designs

Our finishers certified by the American Concrete Institute and Increte®️ Systems for decorative concrete. Our commercial concrete experts are experienced in all sizes of projects, including concrete sidewalks, factory floors, loading docks, and  parking lots. Commercial concrete floors are not only durable, but easy to maintain and long lasting. We’re able to create interior and exterior decorative concrete to complement your commercial property.

Commercial Concrete Floors

We understand that commercial concrete floors receive high levels of foot traffic, which is why we often use heavier reinforcement and a stronger concrete mix than what we’d typically use for residential concrete. Custom concrete floors are great for office buildings, stores, restaurants, churches, schools, factories, and other types of buildings with high foot traffic.

Two Ducks Concrete is a commercial concrete company in Battle Creek MI with over 30 years of experience helping property owners just like you with concrete projects. To Free Estimate for commercial concrete from our commercial concrete team, call (269) 963-6263.

Custom Decorative Concrete in the Battle Creek area!
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