5 Reasons Stamped Concrete Beats Pavers

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Not sure if you should choose pavers or stamped concrete for your patio? Concrete is durable enough to withstand the weight of heavy traffic and can last up to 30 years. Keep reading to learn why people just like you are making the switch from pavers to stamped concrete.

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1.) Price

Stamped decorative concrete is typically HALF the cost of installation of pavers for the same size and shape patio. Pavers in stock at local yards may have limited size, texture and color options, and a long lead time for anything custom.  Stamped concrete, however, is poured on site and offers a wide variety of choices to meet your unique design requirements.

2.) Safety

Most paver patios are placed on sand.  Weather, especially in northern climates, can tip pavers up during freeze/thaw cycles and create trip hazards for your family and guests. Stamped and decorative concrete is reinforced.

3.) Color Choices

Pavers come in a small range of standard colors, restricting your design options to today’s “trendy” shades. On the other hand, there are hundreds of color options with stamped concrete. An integral color is added to the concrete at the redi-mix batch plant and blends through the entire slab. Then, a secondary color is added to highlight and provide a 3D effect to your concrete.

4.) Texture

Many homeowners find that there are only a few textures available for pavers at their local yards. Why go with the same old thing everyone else’s patio in your neighborhood has? Stamped concrete offers a ton of variety for your patio’s surface ranging from slates, to woods, to stones.  The combinations with your color choices are limitless!

5.) Shape

The process of cutting pavers to create curves and organic shapes is time consuming and extremely difficult. Curved edges, stairs, and sidewalks are easy to form and pour in concrete – plus requires no maintenance in the future.

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