Should I Choose Integral Sealer for My Driveway?

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Not sure if you should choose integral sealer for your project?  Integral sealer offers superior protection for your new exterior  concrete and extends its life!  Keep reading to learn why people just like you are making an investment in integral sealer.

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Superior Protection
Your new concrete is an investment in your home, so why not protect it for the long term? De-icing salts used to treat roadways often get dragged onto your new concrete by your car tires.  When the salt dissolves it breaks down the bonds that hold your concrete together, causing concrete to spall and chip on the surface. Integral sealer reduces the permeability of concrete and increases resistance to moisture and de-icing chemicals – protecting your concrete during freeze/thaw cycles in northern climates.

Complete Coverage
Integral sealer is added to concrete when it is batched at the concrete redi-mix plant. It becomes an integral part of the concrete, protecting 100% of the concrete, not just the top surface.  Integral sealer provides long-lasting protection against damage from water and de-icing chemicals.

No Maintenance
Manual spray-on sealers are typically applied several days after concrete is poured and you risk staining or contamination of your concrete in that time.  Also, spray-on sealers are difficult to apply uniformly and only achieve limited penetration in the concrete.  Unlike spray-on sealers that require additional ongoing maintenance applications, integral sealer typically does not need to be reapplied.

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